How to revoke your Office Timeline Online Plus license


Overview allows Plus users to revoke their license themselves, whether they have license management rights or not. The following guide briefly explains both cases. Read the full guide or use the links below to jump to the section that fits your scenario best:

     A) Someone else is managing your license

     B) You are the license manager  

Note: Once you give up your role as a Plus User, your Office Timeline Online account will revert to Free Edition. Don’t worry, all your timelines will still be saved in your account, but you will be able to access them only within the Free User limitations:



A) Someone else is managing your license

If someone else is managing your license, you can easily revoke your own role as a Plus user, but you are not authorized to assign your seat to someone else – only the license manager can do that. To revoke your Online Plus license, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on

  2. Browse to the Subscriptions tab and locate your Office Timeline Online subscription.


  3. On the subscription’s info card, you should see your email address right next to “License assigned to” and a red Revoke button on the right.


    Once you click the Revoke button, your Office Timeline Online Plus account will revert to Free Edition. In addition, your license manager will be notified that you have given up your license and that they can reassign your seat to another user.


B) You are the license manager

If you are the designated license manager, you can revoke - and reassign - your Plus license just as you would with any other user’s: locate your Office Timeline Online subscription in your account on, select Assign licenses, and then click Revoke next to your email address. For more detailed instructions, please read our step-by-step guide here. 

revoke-own-plus-license-someone-else-is-license-manager.pngNote: Giving up your role as a Plus user does not mean you will also lose your license management rights. Unless you (or the subscription owner) revoke your manager role, you will still be able to administer licenses and users.


If you encounter any issues revoking your role as a Plus Edition user, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our responsive support representatives will be happy to help.


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