How to add or edit custom status categories



Office Timeline Online lets you set a status in Data View for each of your tasks and milestones. Doing it is super easy – just click on the small circle to the left of your desired item and select a status from the menu.


Now, if you wish to create new status categories or edit the current ones to fit your specific projects, you can do it either for an individual timeline or at account-level (meaning your settings will be saved as default for all future timelines you make).


A) Set custom status for an individual timeline

  1. From your timeline, click on the Timeline Settings icon at the bottom of the left sidebar:open-timeline-settings-data-view.png

  2. Here, in the Status section, you can edit the current status categories, add new ones, reorder them, and customize colors. Once happy, don't forget to click Save.


All edits you've made here will be applied only to your current timeline.


B) Set default status at account level (user settings)

Editing the status at the account level means that the chosen settings will be applied automatically to any new timeline you create (visuals already saved in your account will not be affected). To do it, click on the Account icon in the top-right corner of the screen and go to User settings.


Just like in the case of the timeline-level settings, you'll be able to set your preferences from the Status section of the window that pops up.


Note: If you don't wish to see the status column in Data View at all, simply switch off the toggle next to the Status tab in the settings window, and it will be hidden from view. This works both in the case of Timeline Settings and User Settings.



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