Ignore Title changes when syncing with Project



When syncing a timeline with MS Project, you might want to keep the current task and milestone titles you have on your visual for presentation purposes, but still update dates or any other values that might have changed in your .mpp file. In such cases, you can instruct Office Timeline Online to ignore all Title changes when syncing – it takes just a second. Here’s how it works:



  1. After you’ve uploaded your Project file for syncing, in the “Select Rows” view, click on Sync Settings in the upper-right corner:


  2. From the Sync Settings menu, check the “Ignore Title changes” box.


  3. If an item’s title is different in Project compared to your current timeline, our tool will ignore any such differences and keep the timeline version of the title when syncing.




If an item has only the title that’s different in Project compared to your timeline (all its other values are the same), its status will switch from Changed to Imported when choosing to ignore Title changes. Depending on what filters you have applied, that item might get hidden from view, but you can easily make it visible from the Filter dropdown:


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