How to assign Office Timeline Online licenses to users



When purchasing a single-license subscription for Office Timeline Online, the buyer (subscription owner) is typically designated as a premium user automatically and gets full access to the web-based timeline maker right away. However, there are situations when the users (or user) must be manually added to the subscription by the license manager (whether it’s the buyer or someone else appointed by the buyer):



Please note that, regardless of who purchased the subscription, only the designated license manager has permission to assign licenses to users. The short guide below will show you the exact steps.



  1. Log in to and go to the Subscriptions tab in your account.


  2. Browse to your Office Timeline Online subscription and click the green Assign Licenses button.


  3. On the license assignment page, you can see how many licenses are already in use and how many free spots you have left. Click inside the Email field of a free spot, enter the user’s address, and then hit Assign.assign-new-user.png

    Note: You may notice that the Name field is not editable. This is because our system automatically fills out the users’ name once they activate their account and complete their profile.

  4. Repeat step 3 for the rest of the users, if any.  Our system will automatically create an account for them if they don’t already have one and email them with instructions on how to activate it and access the Office Timeline Online app. Once they confirm their account, you will see their status changed from Invited to Active.manage_new-user.png

If you encounter any issues assigning licenses, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to be of assistance.