Office Timeline Online subscription roles and permissions



For easy license management and control, there are four major account roles associated with an Office Timeline Online subscription, each with its own permissions and privileges:

A) Reseller

B) Subscription Owner

C) License Manager

D) Premium User

The following guide defines these roles and explains what their permissions and limitations are. Read the full article to get accustomed to the role system or click on any of the links above to jump directly to the section you’re most interested in. For a quick comparison of role permissions, please see the summary table at the end of this post.


A) Reseller


  1. Definition: The reseller is the individual (merchant) or company that has purchased an Office Timeline Online subscription not for their own use, but for a customer of theirs. 

  2. Permissions: Even though the reseller is the one who made the purchase, the customer named during the checkout process will be the one automatically designated as the owner and license manager of the subscription. As resellers do not have ownership or management rights, they cannot assign or change Office Timeline license managers or users themselves.


B) Subscription Owner


  1. Definition: The subscription owner is the person who either bought an Office Timeline Online subscription themselves or had it purchased for them by a reseller.

  2. Permissions: A subscription owner has the option to designate a license manager at purchase, as well as reassign the management role to another team member at any time. In addition, the owner has the exclusive right to transfer their subscription to someone else within their organization (to do so, please contact us at


Other default roles: By default, the owner will be automatically assigned as the license manager of a subscription and the first premium user if:

  • They purchase the subscription through a reseller;
  • They don’t expressly designate someone to manage licenses at checkout (when purchasing themselves, directly from

In addition, the license management rights will automatically be transferred to the subscription owner when the current license manager revokes their own role.


C) License Manager


  1. Definition: The license manager of an Office Timeline Online subscription is the person responsible for administering licenses and assigning users.

  2. Permissions: License managers are the only ones who have permission to assign users or revoke a user’s license and transfer it to someone else. In addition, they can also revoke their own license management rights, but they cannot assign a new manager themselves – this can be done only by the subscription owner.


Other default roles: The first license manager assigned to a subscription - whether by default or by the subscription owner - is automatically assigned as a premium user as well. This is applicable only if their login email address doesn’t already have a premium license assigned (e.g. under a different subscription).


D) Premium User


  1. Definition: A premium user is any person who has had a paid Office Timeline Online license assigned to them by default or by a license manager.

  2. Permissions: Premium users enjoy unrestricted access to the web tool’s premium features until their license expires or it is revoked by the license manager. Users can also revoke their own license, but they do not have permission to reassign their seat to someone else – this can be done only by the license manager.


Note: When their license expires or is revoked, users can still access Office Timeline Online, but their account will revert to Free Edition and the premium features will no longer be available.



Office Timeline Online Role Comparison Table