I have a paid license. Why are my timelines suddenly ineditable?



You know you have a paid Office Timeline Online license, but when you log in to the web app, you find out that your timelines that exceed 10 items are no longer editable. You cannot download more than 10 rows of data as PowerPoint slides, either, and you are prompted with “Upgrade” messages when trying to refresh imported data. What’s going on?



If you’re encountering the symptoms described above, it typically means that your account has reverted to Free Edition and you are authorized to access the tool’s features only within the Free User limitations.

Usually, this happens either because your subscription has expired or because your license manager has revoked your license (usage rights).



To regain full access to the premium features of Office Timeline Online, try the solutions below:

  1. Go to the Subscriptions tab in your account on OfficeTimeline.com to see whether your subscription has expired or not. You can then either renew it yourself (if you are the one who made the initial purchase) or contact your license manager, subscription owner or reseller to handle that for you.

  2. If you can’t see the subscription in your account at all, it usually means your license has been revoked by the license manager. Please contact them about reassigning it to you.

  3. You can always purchase a brand-new subscription from our main website or straight from within the online timeline maker by clicking on any of the Upgrade buttons you can see inside the app.


If you need further assistance or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!