How to switch between US and International date formats



By default, when creating a new graphic, Office Timeline Online will automatically localize its date format (International or US) depending on the country you're in. To present your schedule in the format preferred by your audience, you can quickly switch between US (MM/dd/yyyy) and International (dd/MM/yyyy) dates using the Timeline settings menu within the app. Here’s how to do it:



  1. From your timeline, whether you're in the Data View or Timeline view, click on the small Settings icon at the top right corner. 


  2. In the Timeline Settings window, choose your preferred date format and click Save.



Pro Tips:

  • Did you know you can type in your dates in a variety of styles, and the online timeline maker will still be able to “recognize” them as dates? Here are just a few examples:

    31 Dec, 2018

    However, please make sure to use the localization selected in Timeline settings (e.g. place months in the middle of the date if you have the International format enabled).

  • Office Timeline Online lets you switch between US and International formats even when importing data. Here's for instance, how you do it when importing from Excel: change-date-format-on-import.png