How do Undo and Redo work in Office Timeline Online?


Office Timeline Online’s Undo and Redo functionalities allow you to easily correct mistakes or experiment with different styling options. In most aspects, the features work just as you are accustomed to from other applications. There are two ways you can roll back or redo a command:

  1. By clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting the Undo or Redo icons, either in the Data View, for data list changes, or in the Timeline View, for changes made directly on the graphic.


  2. Using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd + Z (Undo) and Ctrl/Cmd + Y (Redo).


Note: Both functionalities can “remember” and revert up to 100 actions (this is what we call an Undo/Redo “stack”). However, when switching tabs from the Data View to the Timeline View or vice versa, Office Timeline automatically resets the Undo and Redo stacks to keep the data list and layout customization options separate and prevent unintentional changes.