Import your MS Project plan into Office Timeline Online



While a direct import from Microsoft Project into Office Timeline Online is not currently available, users can quickly bring their Project data into the web-based timeline maker through Excel. The short guide below shows the exact steps.


  1. Copy & paste or export your data from MS Project to Excel.



    • If you decide to simply copy & paste your table, please first make sure the dates in the original .mpp file have a simple, standard format (e.g. “December 21, 2019”, “12/21/19”, “21/12/19”, etc.). More complex or less common date formats such as the ones that include the week day (e.g. “Sat 12/21”, “Sat Dec 21, ’19”, etc.) might not be detected properly when moving the data.

    • To simplify the process, you can copy & paste or export only the columns needed to successfully create your timeline (i.e. Name, Start and Finish).

    • In the case of large, complex projects, it might be a good idea to export just the Summary Tasks from MS Project to create a cleaner, simpler timeline that is easy to follow.

  2. Check the data on the resulting Excel spreadsheet. If your plan contains any milestones, you will want to delete their Start Dates or End Dates. This is because, in Office Timeline, milestones are treated as a single point in time, so they have only one date attached to them.



  3. Save your Excel spreadsheet and import it into Office Timeline Online to turn your MS Project Plan into a visually-appealing timeline.


If you need any assistance when importing data from MS Project into Office Timeline Online, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the “Submit a ticket” button at the bottom of the page. Our responsive support team will be happy to help.


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