How to configure working days



When you create a timeline with Office Timeline Online, the tool uses a default calendar to calculate the duration of each task. If your schedules fall outside the default calendar (which considers the usual Monday-to-Friday work week), you can easily reconfigure the working days. This can be done either for an individual timeline or at account-level.


A) Set timeline-level working days

  1. Either from the Data View or Timeline View, click on the Settings icon at the top right:settings-button.png

  2. Here, under the Working Days section in the General settings, you'll be able to specify exactly which days of the week should be calculated as part of your task durations.



B) Set account-level working days

Reconfiguring Working Days at the account level means that the chosen settings will be applied automatically to any new timeline you create (visuals already saved in your account will not be affected). To do it, click on the Account icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select User settings. There you’ll be able to choose the days of the week you wish to be considered as working or non-working.




  • Only users with registered accounts (either free or premium) can access User Settings to change the account-level working days. In the case of Instant users (who do not have an account), the default work week is set from Monday to Friday and can be changed at the timeline level.
  • Changing Working Days, whether for an individual timeline or at the account level, will impact only the duration of tasks. It won't, for instance, affect the length of the task bars or prevent users from setting a deadline on a non-working day.