What happens when my license is downgraded to Free?


When your subscription expires or your license is revoked, you don't lose your Office Timeline Online account or any of your work. Your account will simply revert to Free Edition and everything will still be there, but accessible only within the Free User limitations.


This means:

  • Since free accounts are limited to a maximum of 10 items per timeline, any of your timelines that exceed 10 milestones and/or tasks will no longer be editable after the downgrade. To unlock them, you’ll need to upgrade your account again or transfer the timelines’ ownership to a premium user.

  • If you have timelines that exceed the limit of max 3 collaborators, the existing collaborators will not be removed, but you (or others) will not be able to add more. To add other collaborators, consider upgrading your account, or, alternatively, you can remove existing collaborators until you are below the limit, or transfer timeline ownership to a premium user.

  • If you are a collaborator on a timeline owned by a premium user, you will no longer be able to edit it


To regain full access to Office Timeline Online, renew your license (if you are the one who made the initial purchase) or contact your license manager, subscription owner or reseller to handle that for you.

For further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Our support team will be happy to help!