How to add, adjust or hide slide logo, title and footnote



Office Timeline Online allows users to easily include a logo, title and footnote on their slide. This short guide explains how to add these objects to your timeline, adjust them to fit your needs, or hide them from view. 

A) Working with titles
B) Working with footnotes
C) Working with logos

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A) Add, adjust or hide the slide title

  1. Adding a title. By default, when creating a timeline, a title box with placeholder text will already be visible in the Timeline View. To add your title, just double-click on that box and type in your own text.

  2. Adjusting and customizing the title. Once you've added your title, you can use drag & drop to quickly move it anywhere on the slide or adjust the width of the text box. In addition, you can also change the font, color, size or alignment for a better fit. To do so, make sure the title is selected and use the options available in the Slide title settings visible on the right.slide-title-settings.png

  3. Hiding the title. If you don't want to have any title visible on your timeline, you can easily remove it by switching off the Hide/Show toggle in the Slide title settings. The title will not be deleted completely, but just hidden from view, so you can quickly switch it back on whenever you want.hide-slide-title.png 

B) Add, adjust or hide slide footnotes

Footnotes work very similarly to slide titles. If a footnote box isn't already visible on your timeline, here's how to add it and adjust it as needd:

  1. Adding a footnote. From the Timeline View, click on any empty area on your slide to open the Slide Settings in the pane on the right. There, switch on the Hide/Show toggle next to Slide logo to make the footnote box visible.slide-footnote-show.png

    The footnote box will appear in the bottom-left corner of your slide, and you'll be able to type in your text by double-clicking on it.add-footnote.png

  2. Adjusting and customizing the footnote. Just like the timeline title, the footnote box can be resized or moved anywhere on the slide simply by dragging it. To customize the text font, color and size, use the controls available in the Slide footnote section of the Slide Settings pane.slide-footnote-settings.png

  3. Hiding the footnote. If you don't want your notes visible on the slide, you can hide the footnote box by clicking the same Hide/Show toggle used in step 1.hide-footnote.png


C) Add, adjust or hide the slide logo

  1. To add a logo to your timeline, click on any empty area on your slide to open the Slide Settings in the Style Pane on the right. There, click the toggle button next to Slide Logo to activate

    After switching the toggle on, you'll see an UPLOAD LOGO button in the bottom-right corner of your slide. Double-click it and upload your image. The file formats supported are .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .svg, and the maximum size allowed is 5 MB.slide-with-logo.png

  2. Adjusting and changing the logo. Once uploaded, you can quickly resize your image or move it around using drag & drop. If you wish to replace the logo with a new image, simply double-click on it again and upload the desired file.adjusted-logo.png

  3. Hiding the logo. To hide your logo from view, go back to the Slide logo settings in the pane on the right and switch off the Hide/Show button.hide-logo.png