What's the difference between Office Timeline Add-in & Online?



Office Timeline Online and Office Timeline Add-in are similar timeline makers, but they differ in features and data accessibility, and each has its own advantages. Below you can find a quick comparison between the two to help you decide what would be the best fit for you or your team.


Office Timeline Add-in vs. Online comparison




  1. Is my subscription for Office Timeline Online or Office Timeline Add-in?

    If you're not sure what your current subscription covers, log in to officetimeline.com and go to the Subscriptions section in your account. There you'll see all of your current subscriptions, what they're for, and when they expire.

  2. Does buying one of the products give me access to the other? 

    No, Office Timeline Add-in and Office Timeline Online are two separate products, and each of them requires a subscription.

  3. Can I switch my subscription from Add-in to Online (or vice versa)? 

    Yes, but only within the first year of purchase. To switch subscriptions from one product to the other, please contact us for options.