How to add notes to milestones or tasks



Office Timeline Online lets you add notes to your milestones and tasks in Data View. This can be useful for storing additional information or even linking to other resources or timelines. Here's how it works:



  1. From the Data View, click the Add Note icon on the task or milestone you want to add extra details to.


  2. Type or paste your comments right into the Notes box and then format them as you wish using the editing tools available. You can also add links to important files or even to other timelines in your gallery.


  3. Don't forget to click Save once done to make sure your notes are stored.


    Although they won't be visible on the timeline itself, all saved notes will be accessible from your timeline's Data View so you can reference or edit them quickly when needed. Just hover over the Notes icon to view a note or click to update it.



Quick tips:


  • If you add notes on a shared timeline, all other collaborators will be able to see them - and even edit them or add their own if they have Editor rights. This means you can easily share important details with your team right from inside Office Timeline.

  • You can use links in notes to direct collaborators to other related timelines you have in your gallery. However, make sure they're collaborators on those timelines as well or that you use shareable links to the said visuals. Otherwise, they will not be able to access the linked timelines.

  • To save time, you can also import notes from Excel or Project along with your other timeline data. Similarly, when downloading your timeline data as an .xlsx file, the notes attached to each task or milestone will be exported too.

  • If you have an Office Timeline Add-in license, when you export your online timeline as a .pptx file, all its notes will be visible inside PowerPoint as well, in the add-in's Edit Data window.