How to create and manage folders



Office Timeline Online lets you create folders so you can organize and manage your timelines better. This guide will show you how it works. You'll learn:

A) How to create a new folder and name/rename it
B) How to add timelines into a folder
C) How to move or delete folders


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A) Create a new folder and name/rename it

  1. From My Timelines, click the Options button (the 3 little dots) you can see on the right of the General directory, and then select Add Folderoptions-button-general-folder-office-timeline-online.png

    You can do the same from any other folder once you have more, and the new directory will be added right below it, with a default name.


  2. To choose a name for your new folder, click the Options button next to it and select Rename folder.rename-folder-office-timeline-online.png


B) Add timelines into a folder

There are two ways you can add timelines into a folder. You can:

  1. Drag & Drop an existing timeline from another directory to your new folder.

  2. Create a timeline directly in the desired folder. To do so, click the "+" icon on the left of the folder header and choose how you want to generate your new timeline:create-new-timeline-directly-in-folder.png


C) Move or delete folders

  1. To organize your folders better, you can move them up or down in your gallery using the arrows on the right, as shown below:


  2. To remove a folder from your gallery, open the Options menu, click Delete, and then select either the folder only or the folder and timelines. If you choose to delete the folder only, its contents will be moved to the General folder.



If you have any questions or encounter issues using folders, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.