General Troubleshooting tips



  • Office Timeline Online is unresponsive or isn’t loading properly;
  • Your changes aren’t being saved;
  • Some of the buttons don’t seem to do anything (e.g. Download or Import);
  • You can’t log in even though you’re certain you’re using the correct username and password.



If you are experiencing any of the issues above, in most of the cases, it may be because you have outdated information stored on your computer (in browser cookies / cache). To solve this, please try the solutions below, in the order they’re listed.


  1. Make sure the browser version you are using is supported by Office Timeline Online.

  2. Hard-refresh the page - it will force your browser to load the latest version of Office Timeline Online. This can be done using Ctrl + F5 on Windows or Cmd + Shift + R on Mac.

  3. Try using private browsing / incognito mode.

    • Safari: Cmd + Shift + N
    • Chrome: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N
    • Firefox: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P
    • Edge: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P
  4. Try a different browser.

  5. Clear your browser cache. Use the links below to see the steps for your preferred browser:

If none of the solutions above solves your issue, reach out to us at Our friendly support team will be happy to help.