How to delete, hide, or duplicate multiple items at a time



Office Timeline online allows you to delete, hide, or duplicate multiple tasks and milestones in one go, which can save you a lot of time when editing your timeline. You can do this easily both from the Data view and from the Timeline view. Here’s how it works:


A) Delete, hide or duplicate an entire group from the Data view

Office Timeline Online lets you quickly update any text directly from your timeline – be it a task or milestone title, % complete, date, or task duration. To do so:

    1. Use the checkmarks on the left side of the data table to select your tasks and/or milestones:

    2. You’ll see the multi-selection menu popping up at the top of your table. There, choose the action you want to do by clicking the relevant icons in the menu. The first one is for duplicating, the second one for hiding or unhiding, while the third one stands for deleting the selected items.delete-hide-duplicate-selected-items-data-view.png


Quick tips:

  • The multi-selection menu also allows you to shift the dates of all selected items. Learn more about shifting dates here.
  • There’s an even quicker way to duplicate, hide/unhide or delete entire Swimlanes (including all tasks and milestones inside them). To do so, click the 3 dots next to the Swimlane title and choose what you want to do from the dropdown menu:


B) Delete, hide or duplicate multiple items from the Timeline view

There are two ways you can add more tasks or milestones in Timeline View, and both of them are just as simple:

  1. Use Shift + Click (or Cmd + Click on Mac) to select multiple tasks and/or milestones on your timeline.shift-click-select-multiple-items-timeline-view.png

  2. Then, choose the desired action from the multi-selection menu you’ll see popping up above your timeline. The first icon stands for duplicating, the second one for hiding, and the third one for deleting.delete-hide-duplicate-selected-items-timeline-view.png

    Note: After hiding tasks and milestones from the Timeline view, you can unhide them by going to the Data tab and clicking the eye icon you’ll see next to their corresponding rows in the table.

Quick tips

  • You can shift dates using the multi-selection menu in the Timeline view too.
  • To quickly duplicate, hide or delete an entire Swimlane, along with all its contents, right-click on its header and choose the desired action from the menu that pops up: