Show multiple timescales on your timeline



Office Timeline Online lets you simultaneously show up to 3 timescales on your timeline for easier scheduling. Here’s how it works:


  1. From your timeline, select the timescale to open its options in the Style Pane, and then click the Tier settings button:

  2. In the Tier settings window that pops up, you’ll see 3 timescale tiers – top, middle, and bottom – whose visibility you can switch on or off depending on how many you want to show on your timeline.

  3. For each timescale tier you’ve switched on, you can customize the time units to display (e.g. quarters, months or years), as well as their format and style (color, font etc.). Additionally, you can choose whether to add separators between units, and you can also change the bar color of each tier. 

  4. Once done, click Save, and your changes will instantly apply to your timeline:


Quick tips:

  • You can customize your timescales from the Style Pane too. Just select one or more scale tiers on your timeline and choose your styling preferences from the pane. You can also use Apply to all to transfer a tier’s properties to the others.

  • To remove one of the timescales, switch its visibility off from Style Pane -> Tier settings. Keep in mind that you can’t remove all scales from a timeline – at least one tier (whichever one) must be visible.

If you have any questions about using multiple timescales in Office Timeline Online, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.